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Environmentally Friendly Kitchen

Tanzania 2013

Environmentally Friendly Kitchen

Project Details

Volunteer Coordinator
Holzer G. of TX
Project Number
Community Contribution
(25% of total budget)
Original Request

Project Summary

The summary below was provided by the Peace Corps Volunteer and the community administering this project.

The project involves completing a primary school kitchen using environmentally sound practices and installation of Sim Tank for tree nursery watering. Currently cooking is done outside on stones, with heat and smoke escaping, and there is no place to store harvested rainwater for the tree nursery that can use during the dry season. The nursery has been started but does not has enough water to sustain it during the dry season. The main objective of this project is to use less energy for cooking and support the tree nursery with harvested rainwater from the kitchen roof. The project has 3 stages. First, the construction of Fuel Efficient Stoves. The stoves will be insulated and require far less fuelwood. Smoke will be channeled out of the kitchen. Cooking will take less time and use fewer resources upon completion of this project. Use of a chimney will reduce indoor smoke pollution. Second, the installation of a Rain Water Harvesting System. The roof is large enough to collect rainwater to fill a 5,000-liter tank. Third, connecting the storage tank to the adjacent Tree Nursery. The tree nursery will be used to generate income and fuel for the school. The harvested water will be dedicated to the nursery. This project creates a loop of sustainability.

Project Photo